WSTA Terrazzo samples are 3.5” x 3.5” Epoxy/Resin Terrazzo plates.  

Specifiers may order (1) copy each of up to (4) different samples. For additional sample requests,
or to discuss custom-made samples, please contact your regional
WSTA Contractor Member.

IMPT.: Though care has been exercised in the scanning and digital processing of physical samples,
computer and monitor resolutions may vary. Images on this site are intended as a guide, only.

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SAMPLE Content Information

Aggregate is Full Scale  ♦  Numbers missing in sequence indicate samples that have been discontinued.
Epoxy terrazzo may contribute to LEED® credits.  ♦   Green Terrazzo
Sample Suffix Recycled Material Content % (by volume) Composition
A” and “A-M Minimum of 20% Marble or Marble and Mirror aggregate
A-G Up to a maximum of 80% Marble and Glass aggregate
A-G-M” Up to a maximum of 80% Marble, Glass and Mirror OR Zinc aggregate
1A-G (Twilight Blue) 2A-G (Blue Lapis) 3A-G (Summer Blue) 4A-G (Blue Lake) 5A-G (Passion Blue)
6A-G (Sailor's Sea Blue) 7A-G (Deep Rose) 8A-G (Red) 11A (Coral Gables) 12A (Peach Sorbet)
13A (Morning Sunshine) 14A (Moonlight) 15A (Butter) 17A (Mantis Green) 19A-G (Hazy Blue)
23A (Texas Rose) 25A (Mud Slide) 26A-G (Grandfather Clock Brn) 27A (Gaucho Brown) 28A (Soft Sand)
29A (Sandlot Gray) 30A (Driftwood) 31A (Silver Fox) 32A (Seaside Sand) 34A (Mauve Blush)
35A (Gull Wing Gray) 36A (Sea Haze) 37A (Old Prairie) 40A (White Chocolate) 41A (Golden Straw)
42A (Desert Tan) 44A (Peanut Shell) 45A (Arizona Tan) 46A (Pearl Harbor) 47A (Windham Cream)
48A (Weston Flax) 49A (Wheeling Neutral) 50A (White) 51A (Black) 52A (White)
54A-G (Sunburst) 55A-G (Mandarin Orange) 56A-G (Startling) 57A-G (Starburst Orange) 59A-G (Blush Tone)
60A-G (Apple Green) 61A-G (Fresh Lime) 62A-G (St. Patrick) 64A-G (Toronto Blue) 65A-G (California Lilac)
67A-G (Begonia) 68A-G (Heather Gray) 69A-G (Dry Sage) 70A-G (Split Pea) 71A-G (Dill Pickle)
72A-G (Military Tan) 74A-G (Buttercup) 77A-G (Harvest Moon) 78A-G (Oriole) 81A-G (Sherwood Green)
82A-G (Southfield Green) 83A-G (Caribbean Breeze) 84A-G (Cobblestone Path) 85A-G (Denim Wash) 86A-G (Green Cove Springs)
87A-G (Imperial Yellow) 88A-G (Putnum Ivory) 89A-G (Temptation) 90A-G (White) 91A-G (White)
92A-G (White) 93A-G (White) 94A-G (Blue Danube) 95A-G (White) 96A-G (Pine Cone)
97A-G (Ol' Blue Eyes) 98A-G (White Sand) 99A-G (White) 100A-G (Whale Gray) 101A-G (Grey Horse)
102A (Grand Teton White) 107A-M (Black) 108A-M (White) 109A-G-M (Deep Rose) 110A-G-M (Twilight Blue)
111A-G-M (Beach Haven) 112A-G (Sail Cloth) 114A-G (Sail Cloth) 115A-G (Sail Cloth) 116A-G (Brilliant White)
117A-G (Brilliant White) 118A-G (Brilliant White) 119A-G (Brilliant White) 121A (Sandy White) 122A (Light Khaki)
123A-G (Raw Steel) 124A-G (Raw Steel) 125A-G (Stardust) 127A (Praying Mantis) 128A (Crimson Tide)
130A-G-M (Eagle Rock) 131A (Light Mocha) 132A-G (Blue Pearl) 133A (White Toffee) 134A-G (Porcelain)
135A-G-M (Smokey White) 136A-G (Firestone) 137A (Black) 138A-G (Indigo Beach) 139A (Charcoal Shadow)
Sample Discontinued
140A (Kona Beach) 141A-G-M (Raw Steel) 142 143A (Black Tie Affair) 144A (Silver Spur)
145A-G (Ruby Cove) 146A-G-M (Moonwalk) 147A-G-M (Desert Creek) 148A-G (White Gold) 149A (Ivory Coast)
Sample Discontinued Sample Discontinued
150A-G (Cool Mint) 151A-G (Desert Storm) 152 153 154A-G (Calypso)
160A-G (Mocha Latte) 161A (Black Magic) 162A (Cloudy Sky) 163A-G (Emerald City) 164A-G-M (North Pole)
165A-G (So. Bay Sunset) 166A-G-M (Root Beer Float) 167A-G (Off White) 168A (Pebble Cove) 169A-G-M (Purple Gumdrop)
170A-G (Off White) 171A-G (Spearmint) 172A-G (Silver Mine) 173A-G-M (Indigo Shores) 174A-G (Gray Cobblestone)
Terrazzo Samples
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